Going “Paraben-Free”

In the past year, I have been hearing a lot about parabens and the potential dangers it could cause to your health. Parabens are inexpensive chemicals that act as a preservative preventing bacterial growth in products across the board; many of these products are used daily (i.e. soap, lotion, etc.) You may ask why it has taken me so long to actually feel comfortable enough to speak against purchasing these products. Well to be honest, it was hard to come to terms with the fact that my favorite soaps, shampoos/conditioners, and face wash all contained these chemical preservatives. I mean Neutrogena’s Pink Grapefruit scrub was my favorite ever and I used it for years! But what took me the longest was finding paraben-free products that I fell in love with, and trust me, I tried quite a few things that I HATED. Luckily now it is so much easier finding products that are without all the dangerous chemicals than it was before. So here it is…..the list! (I’ve come to learn that a majority of these posts are all lists….sorry!)

Not Your Mother’s products- I am currently using the Long and Strong Shampoo and Conditioner, as well as the Lock Luster Oil Treatment with Argan Oil. I absolutely love all 3 of these products and they all smell amazing! The shampoo and conditioner smell like the Bath and Body Works scent, Country Apple and the scent stays in my hair until the next wash (3 days). 

Organix products- I have used a fair share of the Organix shampoos and conditioners, all of which I have loved! Each shampoo and conditioner targets different things, which is great for if you are looking to achieve one look. Everything is really affordable and can be found at Ulta, Target, CVS, etc. I can’t talk about Organix and disregard the hair masks, which are hands down the best I’ve ever used and I’ve been using hair masks for years! I highly recommend the Awapuhi Ginger mask for if you have hair on the thinner side like mine. 

St. Ives products- I have just recently given this brand another chance. I’ve tried the Apricot Scrub years ago and found it to be too harsh on my skin. However, the Green Tea Scrub is far more gentle and does a good job of preventing breakouts. The body washes and lotions are also great if you’re on a budget and are looking for something that smells nice and gets the job done. 

Lush products- If you know me personally, you know I am obsessed with Lush. From bath bombs to lip scrubs, I’m all about it. I could go on and write for hours about what I’ve tried at Lush, what I like and dislike, but you would be so bored by the end of my rant that I won’t do that to you. What’s great about Lush is that you can take however many samples home that your heart desires. Most of the products are more on the pricey end, so the samples are super nice to see how they work in your everyday life before making any sort of commitment to the product. If there were 3 things I recommend you check out are: the Fresh Face Masks, Lip Scrub and Bath Bombs. I find the face masks to really work and to be such an amazing bi-weekly treat for my skin. There are many different kinds based on your skin type. Personally, I either go for the chocolate or blueberry masks. I’ve written about the lip scrubs before, so I’ll keep it short. I use Sweet Lips daily before bed and I’ve made it months without having chapped lips. Finally bath bombs are a fantastic way to end a stressful day/week/month etc. They can get expensive since one bomb can be used per bath, BUT, the oils that the bombs release are so calming that it’s totally worth it. I HIGHLY recommend my favorites, either Sex Bomb or Sakura if you like something more on the mild end. 

Origins products- I cannot say enough good things about Origins. I have used the Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash for years and I’ve recommended it to so many people that in turn have become just as obsessed as myself. The Origins line is expensive, I know; $20 to spend on a face wash is not the ideal price tag on such an everyday item. BUT a little goes a long way (it takes me almost a year to finish one bottle of face wash). Checks and Balances isn’t the only product I use. Origins’ Gin-Zing eye cream is fantastic if you have dark circles like me. I was able to see results after a week and I’ll never use another eye cream after getting this one. Modern Friction and the Out of Trouble Mask are new products I’m still trying out, but so far I’m really liking these. Modern Friction is a gentle dermabrasion that I’ve been using once a week to clear out my pores and the Out of Trouble Mask is a mask make to be used on spots or trouble areas.

So there you have it! Recommendations on paraben-free products! I’m happy I’ve been able to find a good amount of things both in the drugstore and high end that are effective. If you take any of these products out for a spin, let me know how you like them! And obviously if you try anything out that you find to be incredible, please let me know too! 


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