Highlighting is key!

So I started writing this post yesterday, but got distracted by the TV show, Scandal…I know, I know, I’m late on the bandwagon, but it’s so good and at this rate it won’t be long until I’m caught up. Anyway, I’ve decided to make Saturdays a day to do a review, or just discuss a product that I use in my everyday life. That being said, my first review is an extremely underestimated product…HIGHLIGHTERS (and no, I’m not talking about the neon ones you use in school). Highlighters just add a little something something that no one woman should leave the house without. Even if you just throw on a little moisturizer and nothing else, a nice highlight on the cheekbones really makes a world a difference and brings out such a nice glow. I go between two highlighting sticks: the Nars Multiple and Benefit’s Watt’s Up!. I have used powder before, but sticks are so much more convenient. 

ImageI use the Nars Multiple in the shade Palm Beach. I use this product when I want a nice tan glow. I tend to reach for this more when I’m getting ready to go out at night. It also pairs really well with the blush, Bella Bamba by Benefit.



 Benefit’s Watt’s Up! comes in one shade and gives just a nice subtle glow to the skin. If your skin is a medium tone like mine, I find that this looks better in the day time and can be worn with or without blush.


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