22 Things I’ve Learned By 22

1. The importance of flossing every day. Everyone can see when you don’t and the buildup is gross.

2. Find a hair stylist you love and can consistently visit. Nothing is better than a great cut and style.

3. Have one nice black blazer and a pair of black slacks. There have been several occasions where I’ve needed to throw the two on.

4. Go out on the weekends even if you’re tired. You won’t be young forever.

5. Continue to read and write even after college. It’s so therapeutic to read and write about things that actually interest you.

6. How good it feels to cut yourself off financially from your parents. I cut myself off almost a year ago and I’ve never felt better about myself. Through this, I’ve gained so much more appreciation for them.

7. Wear your retainer every night! Even tough it’s ugly and gives you a lisp, those teeth were expensive!

8. Always keep a pair of flip flops in your car…it’s hard to drive in stilettos!

9. Be grateful for all those years you spent working in retail. There are a lot of life lessons learned in selling clothes.

10. Take in your car for maintenance inspections every 6 months.

11. Go to the dentist twice a year, doctors once a year, and if you’re a woman, see your OBGYN annually.

12. Splurge on a nice mattress and comfortable shoes. It’s never too early to prevent lower back pain.

13. Waxing is far better than shaving.

14. Never leave the house without a bra on.

15. Don’t be afraid to take a giant leap of faith. You’ll regret it the rest of your life if you don’t.

16. Getting a pedicure at LEAST once a month is a must. And yes, it’s completely acceptable for men to get pedicures.

17. Moms still give the best advice.

18. It’s okay that your ribs don’t show through your skin. That’s actually kind of gross.

19. It’s completely acceptable to still listen to the Jonas Brothers. Their music speaks the truth and Nick Jonas is hot.

20. Create goals for yourself that you can realistically achieve.

21. Even when times get tough, never stop believing in yourself.

22. Some people just aren’t going to like you, and that’s okay.


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