10 Things I Don’t Understand

There are a lot of things I see everyday that I wonder to myself, “why?” This list are things that stand out the most. 

1. Belly button piercings- Do I even need to explain? Belly buttons are already weird to begin with, so why do something to draw attention to a strange crevice on your body? What gets me the most is the dangling rings with rhinestone cherries or guitars….just inappropriate. Someone please explain to me the attraction men find to a woman with a belly piercing. 

2. Matte cars- One word…ghetto! 

3. Skrillex haircuts- I don’t understand the appeal of this. If anyone knows, please enlighten me. My question is, when you shave a portion of your head, and soon after realize that was a bad idea, how do you expect this to style to grow out and look good? 

4. Lip plumping lip gloss- Maybe I’m just biased because I hate wearing lip gloss (another thing I don’t understand; I’ll discuss my confusion toward lip gloss at another time), but why would you want to achieve lips that look like you are eating a warhead candy? I also hear it stings a lot! I totally understand pain is beauty, but collagen-esque looking lips is not beauty. Plus if you kiss a guy after application, does this mean his lips will plump too? 

5. Wearing thongs (yes, the underwear) to the gym- I work out 5 days a week and none of these days do I feel inclined to wear a thong or try to look cute whilst sweating. I have no idea how girls can work out with a skinny piece of material in her butt crack. Plus girls who wear thongs to the gym also seem to wear leggings. These leggings are often sheer, leaving me to see nothing but a hot pink g-string. Just.wrong.

6. Platform sneakers- Only the Spice Girls can rock a platform shoe, or Adrienne Maloof from RHOBH (see Season 2 episode when Paul participates in running a mile in women’s heels).

7. Overalls- Why is this a “trend” that’s making a comeback?! Overall, dresses, etc. should NEVER come back. I’m all about wearing things that make life uncomplicated when it comes to going to the bathroom.

8. The Bombshell Bra by Victoria’s Secret- Why would you want to wear something that allows you to have boobs one day and none the next? I couldn’t even imagine what it would be like to hook up with a girl and when you go to take off her bra and the only boobs she has IS the bra….awkward!

9. People who don’t know their body type- Not everyone can or should wear crop tops and low cut, tight jeans…

10. Turtlenecks- Only acceptable on grandmas.


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